Brown Family16-L

I’m Dani. And I love all things golden brown. My very favorite is when my skin is golden brown somewhere on a beach, but cooking is a close second.

I’m passionate about sharing meals with the ones I love. I love cooking with my dad and for my husband. And I know this love for cooking all started with my guardian angel, my grandma. My kitchen is a place where I let go and explore the intriguing culinary world. Food should be something we look forward to. It should be fresh, simple, and enjoyed. I’m just here basking in the glory of my ingredients. Tomato, basil & balsamic. So simple, yet sparked something inside of me. My first trip to Italy lit the fire that has grown to be something much bigger.

about me

Newlywed, young professional who still dreams of going to culinary school. I have a continuously hungry husband who encourages me to try new recipes and immediately make them again. If I’m not in the kitchen I’m probably on my bike or in the gym. These are my two passions that conveniently and absolutely need to go together.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully some of my love for these meals will pass on to your kitchen!


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